Interesting Facts About African Beads

Beads manufacturing is associated with Africa for a long time. Africa known for their beautiful designs and colors. Earlier, these beads were made using natural resources such as shells, seeds, ivory, animal bone, corals, etc. Eventually, as a result of constant research and developments, more and more materials such as glass, crystal, and metal were used in the manufacturing. African beads aptly showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

The Different Types of Beads Found In Africa

African beads are made from the materials found in various parts of Africa. The material used in making a particular type helps in determining which part of Africa that bead belongs to. Below is a list of all the different types manufactured in Africa.

Beads made from nuts or seeds are easily available all across the Africa and come in a large variety of colors and textures that make them stand out of the lot. Beads manufactured from shells are generally made up of egg shells. These exquisite objects are used in making ornaments for men and women. These can also be used in decorating garments.

The pretty cream colored beads created from animal teeth perform a vital role in making Africa culture popular all across the globe. They are not commonly found these days due to animal welfare rules. Stone beads were made during the onset of bead manufacturing in Africa. However, they have been able to maintain their charm amongst people till date and everyone loves to own these in one or the other form as part of their wardrobes.

Manufacturing of metal beads is a relatively new technique. These beautiful pieces come in all sorts of metals and are hugely popular amongst young crowd. Glass beads are used by almost everyone not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world. Available in different shapes and sizes these glass objects add to the beauty of any ornament in many folds.

Features That Make African Beads Worth Buying

There are many reasons for which one must surely prefer African beads over the ones offered by other countries. One of the main reasons is that these beads possess a great historical value. Secondly, bead manufacturing supports many businesses in Africa and in turn, helps several poor people to make a living. So, by purchasing African beads one enables such businesses to flourish and also encourages the working class to maintain a good standard of living. Thirdly, as these beads are usually made from the natural substances, they are highly eco friendly. Hence, by using these beads, one ensures the safety of environment. And finally, these beads are always in fashion and help one make a discrete style statement.

Whenever one thinks about beads the first name that strikes the mind is “African Beads”. Beautifully cut and designed, these beads create a unique impression whenever one comes across these. Available in various colors, shapes, and sizes these beads can certainly fit all the occasions and requirements of the user. However, it is extremely necessary to buy these beads from a trusted source to ensure their authenticity.

Credit To John Frank Peterson