Newspapers in Swaziland

Newspapers are known for their news-assimilation role, they flash out and provide analysis of current affairs. There are about 600 000 people who read one or more newspapers per week in Swaziland and local newspapers command the highest share of readers.

The kingdom's oldest newspapers, the Times of Swaziland has the highest weekly readership with about 500 000 readers per week. This is followed by The Times Sunday, which is part of the Times group of Newspapers, The Swazi Observer and The Swazi news, The Weekend Observe respectively. South African newspapers that command the highest readership in Swaziland include the Sowetan and the Sunday Times.

Newspaper can be obtained from various places with the kingdom. This includes at home, at work, public libraries, schools, reception areas, clinics, public transport etc. This means that there are more people reading only one copy than those actually circulated. It is estimated that readership per copy averages 4 RPC across all local newspapers

In terms of readership within the 4 districts of the kingdom, Hhohho leads followed by Manzini, Lubombo and Shiselweni. Men read the most amongst the older ages while younger women read more than their male counterparts. Newspaper readership in Swaziland is significantly at its highest within ages 25 to 44 years with the highest newspaper readers being men within ages 35 to 44 years.

During a survey conducted by Knotell, a full service marketing company based in Swaziland, it was found that generally, more men within ages 35 to 54 years are most likely to read a newspaper than their female counterparts in Swaziland. Younger women within ages 10 to 24 years are likely to read more than their male counterparts as well. The Times of Swaziland is read the most across all age groups with ages 25 to 44 years being the highest. The Times Sunday is the second most read within age group 35 to 44 years, the Swazi Observer competes with the Sunday Times for Cume readers.

This information is taken from a report media audience measurement (Swazi-MAMS) report available for free on . The survey was conducted by across all major areas of the kingdom. You can visit this page to check for updates on the newspaper exposure statistics in Swaziland.

Credit To Thando Mavimbela