Tell The Truth: Just The FACTS!

While, many Americans, revert to blaming their elected, and public officials, for whatever, go wrong (or, not as the individual, wished), they should, actually, demand, these individuals, consistently, tell the truth! Just the FACTS, must become, far more than a slogan, etc, but, rather, an essential, necessity, of public service! Perhaps, more than ever, before, in recent history, we are experiencing a period of time, when, lying, and partisan politics, seems to be, the norm ! President Donald Trump, according to political fact – checkers, has either lied, or made major misstatements, over 12, 000 times, since he assumed office. We have witnessed incidents, where he has repeated, known lies, and / or, changed his version of a story, multiple times, in a very, short period – of – time! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it's so significant, and important.

1. Freedoms; future; fresh ideas; faithful: Unless all of our freedoms, liberties, and justice, for – all, are defended, and fought – for, by the President, it is a serious threat, to the nature of this nation, both, today, and into the future ! Denying science, and scientific evidence, and, not only, failing to address Climate Change, but to reverse environmental protects, is not faithful, to the best interests of our nation! It takes fresh ideas, and an open – mind, rather than, slogans, seeking to go back, to the past, such as, Make America Great Again, isn't beneficial, to our citizens, or principles / ideals!

2. Attention; actions; articulate: Citizens must pay more attention, when casting their votes. Relate their actions, to the messages, articulated, and ensure, we maximize the opportunity, to become, the best, we might be!

3. Character; create; coordinate; choices: Examine the quality of a leader's character, and whether, he is ready, willing and able, to create, something, relevant and sustainable! We need public officials, who can evaluate choices, and make well – considered decisions, leading to coordinating citizens, for the greater – good, and a true, meeting – of – the – minds!

4. Trust / trustworthy; trends; time – tested; Timely; traction: One is only prepared, for service, when he effectively listens, and learns, from the past, and uses time – tested techniques, when appropriate, in order to avoid, making the same mistakes! One must be trustworthy, in order to earn the trust! Instead of procrastinating, it's important to pursue, well – considered, timely action, and proactively, focusing on gaining traction, in a positive manner!

5. Service; solutions; stronger; sustainable: Quality service, and representation, must be based on a thorough consideration of, both, the relevant, and sustainable possibilities! This means, prioritizing, making all of us, and the nation, stronger, by introducing, quality, viable solutions!

Just the FACTS! Unless / until, we demand, our public officials, stop their lying, and emphasis on self – service, our nation's future, is, in peril!

Credit To Richard Brody