Opinion By :- Olatunji K Ayoola JP


This post is not for those afflicted with anal reasoning:

Humans are the only specie of mammals with the longest period of childhood.
Cows are sexually mature from between 9months and 22 months. Meaning that a heifer can calf and become a cow by age of two years!
Horses begin to run in Derbys by age 3. It means a horse can be a show jump champion by age of 3 years!

But God deliberately made human childhood to span 18 years so that there may be enough time for training, acculturation, socialization, instilling of moral values etc. that man could truly and effectively have dominion over all of creation as God ordained from the start.

What I see around today are evidences of poor childhood.
Many young people today apparently lost their childhood and I’m afraid won’t do well as adults.

You see young people who cannot reason nor intelligently interrogate issues.
They are easily led by the nose.
They are rude, uncouth and unrefined.
If you check the basis of their arrogance, it is emptiness.

The herd instinct is noticeable on social media.
Apart from writing in appalling and atrocious English (and Yoruba too, if you ask me) they display a clear case of poverty of thought and ideas.

They have a skewed sense of value.
Wrong is now right; right is wrong and normal is abnormal; abnormal is normal.

Gbogbo ìrònú wọn wá d’oríkodò bí àdán!

I congratulate all those who still have children below 18 years.
You have a chance to make amends.
You have a chance to train them.
Train your child in the way he should go, so says the Scriptures, that you may have peace of mind.

We will leave the stage for these selfsame children sooner or later.

Let’s train them.

It is important.

Ẹ kú midweek ó!

Omi Tuntun, Ìgbà Ọ̀tun!