What If Nigeria Wins the World Cup?

I know you are finding it difficult to believe this, so am I. In fact, when this thought started dancing in my head I started laughing it too scorn but to my dismay it didn't move an inch away. So here it is. Nigeria reminds me of the team I love so dearly, Arsenal, no matter how much effort we put in, we never clinch the title (Premier League and Champions League). And just as I cannot divorce Arsenal I can't divorce Nigeria … but wait … I think I can. Hmmmm …

Anyway, if Nigeria wins the World Cup all social media platforms will not remain the same. Nigerians do know how to blow their trumpet when everything seems to be going well but when bad things happen they keep quiet and sob in the privacy of their homes, only those who really love the country would spend their precious time trying to analyze the pathetic situation . Jobless folks, if you ask me.

If Nigeria wins the World Cup, people won't really give a damn about the fact that our African Nations Cup dreams were recently dashed by … I've even forgotten their name; not many expected it but I did with our history of mediocrity. People will also forget the fact that there are a thousand and one problems currently facing the country – which will continue to face the country. One success would dampen the effects of many a problem.

Further, I am pretty sure that soon after the World Cup lands in Nigeria we'd hear that it has gone missing. Did I forget to mention that Nigerians are won't for bringing out the worst in the best? My bad. Something just has to go wrong, and I think this would be it. And then, after a back and forth between FIFA and Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), a fine would be set as punishment.

Following that, the FIFA would then issue a statement that the fine is $ 10,000 meanwhile NFF would claim otherwise. As a Nigerian reading this, who do you think is telling a lie? – The NFF, of course. Money just has to be embezzled one way or the other, it is their birthright. The only right we have as spectators is to watch from a distance how this pans out.

Perhaps then it wouldn't be a good idea for Nigeria to win the World Cup. Do agree with me.

Till next time, think weird, laugh and be happy!

Credit To Jude Uchella